How to Brand your Small Business with Printed Materials

There’s no doubt about it, online and social media marketing is a trend that is here to stay. Using the online world as a tool for marketing yourself is a great way to promote your business and should be of top priority for any small business owner. With that said, print marketing is not something that should be forgotten about!  Here are just a few of the many reasons that you should not skip adding print marketing to your small business promotion campaign:

1) People who read print are more focused

The online world is a great place to capture the attention of someone, but it’s also a great place to lose it. Online reading comes with a lot of distractions. No matter where you look you will find distractions from online advertisements, pop-ups, messages, notifications, and other sources. As soon as your viewer sees something they are more interested in, you can quickly lose their attention.

In addition, most people who are online are skimming through pages looking for something that captures their attention. With print materials, attention is more focused. If a viewer is looking at your material, it’s probably because they want to know what it says and they are likely to read (instead of skim) the entire thing.

2) Print material lasts

When scrolling online, your advertisement can quickly be seen and just as quickly passed by. Print marketing gives your audience something concrete to hold onto. Let’s use the example of offering a discount or free sample. If you offer this online, your audience can see it and hopefully they will retain it in their minds. But let’s face it, today is a fast paced world and most of us have trouble remembering what we ate for dinner yesterday let alone an offer we found online. Print marketing, on the other hand, gives your audience something physical to keep. They may choose to cut out the offer and put it on their fridge as a reminder. As such, they are much more likely to use it.

3) Not everyone uses the Internet

While 1/3 of the world’s entire population uses social media on a regular basis, that still leaves 2/3 that don’t. In return, if you choose to only market your business online, you are missing out on a large part of the population. This is especially true if you are marketing your business towards older generations that aren’t as computer savvy as younger ones. Print marketing allows you to reach all ages of audience from young to old.

4) Print marketing can often be seen as “more credible”

The online world can be a great way to find businesses and deals, but it can also be a great way to find scams. Many of the online pop-ups that appear are simply overlooked over because they are seen as less credible. In addition, many people are afraid of clicking on pop-up ads for fear of viruses or malware.  Print marketing doesn’t have this problem. People who see print advertisements generally see the business as more trustworthy and reliable.

In conclusion, we cannot downplay the importance of online and social media marketing – it is crucial in building awareness for any small business. With that said, the benefits of print marketing should not be overlooked. Print marketing helps you to target a niche market and can help you reach those who do not use the internet on a regular basis. In addition, once seen by a potential client or customer, print marketing is often deemed as more credible and can produce more sales by avoiding distractions and giving the reader something concrete to hold onto.