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Promoting your Business through Print Media

With the onset of social media and online marketing, the benefits of print advertising are often overlooked. This is a harsh mistake that many business owners make. While online marketing is a great advertising tool, the benefits of print marketing should not be forgotten. In fact, a recent research study by TrueImpact (a neuromarketing firm) showed that print marketing is easier to mentally process than online marketing. It was also more likely to lead to brand recall.

So, how can you market your small business with print marketing? Here are a few outlet ideas:

1) Your Business Card

A business card is one of the most important things that a small business owner can have. This is your personal calling card that is small enough to carry around with you anywhere and that can be handed out to anyone. Why are they such an important marketing tool? Business cards are personal. There is nothing better for your business than handing out your card personally with a handshake to lead the way.

You should put a great deal of effort and thought towards your business card. It should look professional, but interesting, and should represent your personality and brand. Remember, your business card is going to be someone’s first impression of your business – and we all know what a difference first impressions can make!

2) Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising isn’t for everyone, but if you are trying to target a specific audience, it can definitely be a great advertising tool. Older generations still read newspapers frequently, and those who read newspapers tend to read articles and advertisements more in depth than those who read the news online. One of the biggest benefits of newspaper advertising is that you can often choose the size of your advertisement. Advertisements can range anywhere from a small square to half or an entire page.

3) Brochures and Guides

The biggest benefit of brochures is that you can pack a lot of information into a small package. Brochures can include business photos, business information, and even stories to generate interest. They are small enough to carry around, but large enough to include all relevant information and play to your audiences interests at the same time. Many businesses will let you display your brochures in their offices or on their bulletin boards, which is a great way to attract attention. They can also be sent through the mail to a large number of households.

 When making a brochure, you may also want to include coupons or discounts. This can encourage your reader to hold onto your brochure, ensuring that they will refer back to it again at some point.

4) Magazine marketing

Like Newspaper marketing, magazine advertisements can help you target a specific demographic. There are thousands of different magazines out there, each directed at specific age groups. Almost everyone reads some type of magazine, even if just skimming through. As such, they are a great way to attract large numbers of viewers within your intended audience. In addition, magazine images tend to be higher quality than those in newspapers or mail advertisements. Their higher resolution makes it more likely that you will capture the reader’s attention and hold it for a longer period of time.

Other forms of print marketing can include banners, directory advertisements, flyers, and even postcards.

In today’s fast paced world, print advertising can often go overlooked by small business owners. Don’t make this mistake. Your best marketing campaign would be one that combines the benefits of both online marketing and print advertising together.